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“A 30 ml of a delicious espresso shot of coffee takes just 25 seconds to brew and just a minute to drink. But it takes several years to produce rightly. Being one of the most traded commodities, coffee comes second only to oil. India is producing nearly 3.9% of the world's coffee and is the sixth-largest coffee producer in the world. Coffee-growing provinces of India are among the 25 biodiversity hotspots all around the globe. Indian Priceless Original Craft Coffee is not just a brew. It’s a way of experiencing joyful moments, a rare jewel that garners emotion like no other beverage from the masses”

Our Philosophy

“Harmonising health & goodness daily”

Mycoffeecafe.in is an online storefront curated by Erabica Coffee Roasters especially for a coffee purist like you to experience and enjoy original craft coffee daily. Every individual is unique and one in a million and so is the taste variation. Our personalisation of each endurance coffee bag helps us to meet the individual coffee taste and brewings styles.

Erabica Coffee tastes the way it does because we are mad enough to journey far-flung hills to source directly, the best-handpicked priceless speciality coffee from award-winning heritage coffee farms across India, which is freshly artisan slow-roasted to order in small batches to inspiring standards of perfection. So that when brewed in its purest form, the coffee will not be only healthy to consume daily but will hold its unique flavour, goodness, and uniquely amazing aftertaste.

Health is wealth and drinking original craft coffee daily is one the best choice and ways to begin your health journey as pure coffee aids in combating several life-threatening diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's'' Liver, etc.

What we can do for you?

“Personalise your Erabica”

Each batch of coffee is hand roasted upon order in small batches, personalised & freshly packed, and shipped immediately right to your door from our state-of-the-art coffee roasting plant. 

We endeavour to personalize our small batches of coffee roasting the artisanal way. The different varieties of priceless coffee beans are slow-roasted with precise scientific roasting techniques to enhance the flavours and aroma of the beautiful Priceless Jewels called Erabica. The thorough process allows us to enrich the aroma, taste, and essence to bring you the best!

mycoffeecafe.in brings you much more than just your beloved beans. It brings you an assortment of state-of-the-art coffee equipment and grinders, all accompanied by everything you need to make your perfect cup of Joe. mycoffeecafe.in hosts, the most extensive collection of coffee craft and barista artistry, inspiring coffee connoisseurs to perfect their art of coffee making to revitalize their brew. The array of coffee brewers or gears to choose from helps you to enjoy coffee in its best craft form.

Gone are the days when the sheer task of brewing coffee would scare the daylights out of you for fear of ruining the taste of your coffee. The brewers and grinders come with attachments that require no extra add-ons and help you revel in sumptuous delight. The range of barista artistry equipment is a boon to all amateur baristas to enhance their art of coffee making for the better.

Personalizing your coffee has never been simpler! You can let our coffee assistants help you choose from the various assortments of coffee beans, coffee utensils, brewers, grinders, filters, and much more! Help is just a phone call away for those who wish to understand what equipment and accompaniments may augment the feel of your coffee.

Era of Priceless Coffee (Bica)

Bica means light roasted coffee and water in Portugal. It is similar to espresso but extracted to a greater volume from lightly roasted coffee and smoother in taste. As we are in the era of priceless Arabica speciality coffee, we replaced the letter A of the word Arabica with E as Erabica. An amalgamation of the Era of Priceless Coffee with Bica which means coffee. The name bica originates from the way the coffee flows, falling from the espresso machine to the cup an analogy with a water spout or fountain, also called Bica in Portugal. We went further by adding a spout (Akka Bica) to our unique and first-of-its-kind re-usable Endurance Freshness coffee (Akka bica) bag. 
Erabica Re-usable Endurance Freshness Coffee BagErabica Re-usable Endurance Freshness Coffee Bag
Erabica Re-usable Endurance Freshness Coffee Bag


We have the privilege of nurturing the heritage of Shade Grown Indian Coffee which is an amalgam of the passionate labour of the Indian farmers who work tirelessly to cultivate our pride. The just about appreciated treasure of the Indian terrain, the jewel of coffee farms, packs a mammoth-sized potential in its tiny form. The carefully grown beans are nurtured in the shade of wild, barren trees in the traditional Indian Coffee-rearing manner. The art of tenderly caring for the coffee plantations has been an inherent quality among coffee farmers of Shade-grown Indian Coffee. The coffee farmers pay steady attention to the evolution of coffee from humble green shoots to delightful coffee beans. The sheer commitment and passion of the coffee farmers bring up the beans to the best of their potential. The rich heritage of the Indian peninsula has now begun to gain much-deserved admiration from coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

Dedicated solely to empowering Shade-grown Indian Coffee, Erabica has tirelessly ventured into the heart of Indian coffee plantations to seek hand-picked, ethically sourced coffee beans. The process from planting to picking of beans, to washing and sun-drying, to sorting and packaging is handled with complete vigilance and tenderness. This is done keeping in mind, the need to give coffee lovers the most exceptional coffee experience they ought to have. Erabica Coffee through mycoffeecafe. in is the doorway to the realm of Original Priceless Specialty Craft Coffee culture in India, constantly endeavouring to bring soil to sip to soul coffee in India. 

The immense energy that is entirely dedicated to the process of producing the best coffee beans is awe-inspiring. The soil to sip to soul coffee journey is what makes the much-loved coffee beans, the “Jewel of the Indian peninsula”. We welcome you onboard to truly relish the "Era of Priceless Craft Coffees of India"