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Kodagu's Heritage & Soul

Since 3 Gener.

Venkid's Valley -  Heritage Estate

3800 Feet

Kogadu - N 12°27'  E 75°47', Karnataka

About Papakuchi (Brand)


Venkids Valley is nestled amidst meandering valleys, streams and wildlife in the district of Coorg within the Western Ghats of India. The topography and beauty of the land earned it the nickname “Scotland of India” by the British and Scottish planter community who resided there in the 18th Century . 

This land was also once treated by the royals of Coorg, the Linga Rajas of the neighbouring Haleri village. They chose the area as a resort for its scenic beauty and named it ‘Papakuchi’- a term which has been carried on by the locals through the years. Out of respect for the natural beauty of the land and its rich culture, the Nanjappas named their brand of coffee Papakuchi.


Heritage & People


Venkids Valley Estate is a third generation plantation that produces some of the best coffee in India by harnessing decades of knowledge, proven traditional growing methods and new technology that improves processes and quality.

It was started by late M.N.Cariappa’s father who saw the potential of the land and instilled a great foundation for growing good coffee. Equipped with a Degree in Agriculture and work experience across South India, Cariappa took over the farm and expanded his holding across the district of Coorg. By combining traditional methods of coffee farming with new processes, Cariappa soon became one of India’s most successful and eminent coffee growers. 

Venkids Valley is now run by his son M.C.Nanjappa who worked with him for years in this farm and also at others owned by his father. Nanjappa and his wife Shilpa harvest both Arabica and Robusta on the farm under the brand name of Papakuchi. 


Loyal workforce

The farm is proud to have a long standing and dedicated workforce that enable the smooth functioning of processes. Their skill in handling and processing the beans ensure the very best of produce is marketed. In addition to benefits provided by the Government, initiative is also taken to support them by providing free education, medical expenses and amenities like electricity and water at no cost to them. With the keen intention of being environmentally conscious and sustainable, provisions for rain water harvesting and harnessing of solar energy has been made in the labour units and staff housing.

Drying Yard

Farming Processes


The harvest season is from November to mid-January for Arabica and from February to mid-March for Robusta. The farm has two strains of Arabica – SLN 6 and Catuai Selections. The strains of Robusta are Congensis and Peridinia, making it easy for strain-wise and block specific picking in order to maintain traceability. The fruit is hand-picked by workers at the farm and is pulped on the same day. Fermenting is taken up to enhance the notes in the coffee. On completing the fermentation, it is washed and sun dried. The farm also has the option of mechanical drying.

The farm is home to over 40 varieties of jungle trees where the coffee is shade grown at an elevation of 3000-3800 feet above sea level. Spices such as pepper and cardamom and fruits including oranges and avocados are also grown. 50-60 varieties of resident and migratory birds and the scattering of wild bees balance the ecosystem. 

The region boasts of fertile soil, diverse vegetation and a balanced climate which ecologically contributes to the unique flavour of Papakuchi Coffee. The coffees have pronounced notes of caramel, fruit and chocolate to tantalize your taste buds. 

Type of process: Washed, Natural, Honey Sun-dried.

Annual Rainfall: 65-75 inches.

Soil: Clayed Loomy.

Temperature: 14°c - 34°c.



With every generation, the vision of growing and promoting quality coffees has widened. What started out as maintaining good cultivation practices has blossomed into ‘Papakuchi Coffee’, a brand that has grown internationally and is now synonymous with great coffee beans produced to meet the highest standards. 

Consistency and personal touch set the benchmark for roaster- farmer relations. Papakuchi Coffee is proud to have collaborated with the best coffee exporters from India to successfully export specialty coffees to buyers internationally and will continue putting the soul of Coorg and a piece of its heritage in cups worldwide.

With a strong sense of community and a moral
responsibility, Erabica was born. Our passion for the
environment, unique design and slow roasting brought our vision, and coffee, to life.

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