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As Bold as a Tiger

Since 1897

Hulikerav Estate -  Heritage Estate

4000 Feet

Malnad Region - Chikmagalur, Karnataka

About Hulikerav


Spread over 260 acres, Tiger Lake Estate ' is a Heritage Coffee and Spices establishment, which is around 125 years old and managed by a fourth-generation coffee producer and a proud farmer by the name of Vignesh Chandrasekhar. It is situated in the Malnad region of Chikmagalur in the Karnataka State of India at an altitude ranging from around 3700 to 4100 MSL. The hilly location and altitude of this estate, alongside the jungle tree shade cover, are attributed mainly to the flavors of the coffee produced here. We are proud to say not a single jungle tree has been cut or felled since our establishment began. The composted foliage from these trees is what we believe gives our coffee such rich specialty and complex flavors.

We are very much dependent on the forest and we take pride in saying, we are one of the few businesses which support the growth of jungle trees because our coffee is shade-grown and without the help of trees and animals, our coffee simply would not exist. Since its inception, we haven't cut any shade-grown lumber trees. The estate is around 270 acres, growing Single Origin Station SLN 795 Arabica on 210 acres on the higher elevations and Robusta on 60 acres on the lower elevations.


Heritage & People


Without the help of our staff, it would be impossible to maintain our long-running establishment, some of our staff are with us for around 25 years namely Ramanna, Erappa, and Dibbi. We are so proud of their contribution to making this place unique and heaven. We are so happy and delighted to say, that we have contributed in terms of employment to all the people who stay in the near vicinity. we have a school and a hospital (being run by the government) for the education and well-being of the people who help us out.

Drying Yard

Farming Processes


We do not use harmful insecticides or chemical sprays on our coffee plants, we try most to control pests by using organic repellents such as Neem oil to keep our coffee shrubs and other plants healthy. Harvesting, mostly from December to February is the most hectic time for us. Selective hand picking of cherries is done with utmost care to get the coffee processed and sun-dried as clean and perfect as possible. We have installed a state-of-the-art pulping unit to obtain the specialty quality we thrive for. We process our coffee as double washed and natural.



Our code has always emphasized sustainability, environmental responsibility, and fair practice long before these became acknowledged international priorities. Knowing the origin of the food has become a need of an hour and the integrity of the processes that create it, the transparency of the supply chain, and proceeds-sharing. The principle of traceability, therefore, is central to our cultivation and post-harvest process.

Indian Bison

Single Origin SLN 795


Ever since the Coffee farming spread across 260 acres, out of which 210 acres are purely dedicated to Single Origin SLN 795 Arabica variety. This variety is one of the finest varieties in Indian coffee Arabica. SLN 795 is a shade-grown under lumber trees that are not cut yet. 

With a strong sense of community and a moral
responsibility, Erabica was born. Our passion for the
environment, unique design and slow roasting brought our vision, and coffee, to life.

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Tiger Lake Estate