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Roaster's Pick Batches

Are you ready to take your coffee game to the next level? Then you can't miss out on our Roaster's batch subscription! Every month, you'll get to enjoy a unique collection of specialty coffee blends that will blow your mind. Our talented roasters are always experimenting with coffee to bring you the best possible taste. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and get ready to relish a brewtiful cup of Joe every day!

Keep Brewing Fresh

Going to the retail store or mall to pick up stale coffee was a thing of the past. Now enjoy our freshest curated coffee delivered directly to your door, every month without leaving your space, all online. Roaster's Pick Coffee Subscription gives you free shipping and access to discounts on all of your coffee purchases. If you love variety, experimenting, and surprises, then our Roaster's Pick Coffee Shuffle is just for you.

Are you tired of mediocre coffee that tastes like it's been sitting in a dusty old warehouse for years? Say goodbye to bland brews and hello to Priceless specialty craft coffee beans! Our beans are so fresh, they practically jump out of the bag and into your cup. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a pick-me-up, we've got you covered. Subscribe today Roaster's Pick Shuffle, our Monthly Coffee Subscription with coffee bag size ranging from 350g to 550g. So why settle for boring beans when you can have a truly priceless coffee experience month after month? 

We Shuffle every month a “muddle or change” of our most unique single-origin coffee and greatest hits including occasional special releases. Brew and drink what we’re drinking, year-round with Roaster’s Pick. Enjoy every month, an ever-evolving freshest, newest, and exquisitely crafted coffee, hand-roasted for a brewtiful coffee experience, cup after cup.

Money Saver

Save up to 20% when you subscribe to Roaster's Pick and save big. Free Gifts are bundled too.


Pause. Skip. Cancel. Modify. Update. You’ve got all the flexibility to do it.

Perks of Roaster's Pick Shuffle

Free ShippingFree Shipping


We bear the shipping cost, so you can enjoy every cup after cup. Never run out of coffee again.


We will ship your freshly hand-roasted coffee every month right at your door.



Save flat 20% when you subscribe to 550g for 5 months. Get more when you spend and stay long. 


Free bundled gifts, special pricing on coffee brewers, and sometimes new samples of exquisite coffee.

Roaster's Pick is hand selected by the fine folks who source, cup, and roast our finest Indian Specialty coffees we offer. Simply put, it's a rotating selection of our finest coffees.

How it Works?



Select your coffee qty right from 350g to 550g (Endurance Coffee Bag size) based on your brew recipe and coffee consumption. 



We roast every first Tuesday of the month and ship immediately after roast. Get fresh coffee right at your door.



Experience our hand-roasted curated coffee. Experiment, brew and repeat or simply drink up and take a minute to relish the perks of freshly roasted coffee bundled with surprises. Pause, skip, or modify anytime.



  • +   Why subscribe to Roaster's Pick Coffee?

    If you love change, and surprises and get often bored with just drinking one type of coffee, then Roaster's Pick Coffee Shuffle is just for you. Experiment, brew and repeat or simply drink up brewed on your favorite gear. Enjoy the freshest and different coffees every month. Unbox surprises from each bag upon free delivery right at your door. If you prefer to stick to one of our Single Origin Classics or Signature blends by re-roasting and repeating the same coffee batch after batch, then you can directly select from all of our coffee product page selections or subscribe to the Roaster’s Pick for rotating selection of varied coffee every month. The plan ranges from 3 months to 5 months.


  • +   What is Roaster's Pick Shuffle?

    Under this unique coffee subscription plan, coffees are hand selected by the fine folks who source, cup, and roast our coffees and represent some of the finest coffees we offer. The coffee changes every month and includes sometimes exclusive coffees you can only get through Roaster’s Pick. Committing sometimes to just one is too difficult. Or maybe you just like surprises! Whatever the case, Shuffle or muddle gives you a rotation of our signature blends, changing it up every month and roasted on the first Tuesday of every month. If you’re a fan of exceptional yet accessible coffees—but also love surprises in your life - Roaster's Pick Shuffle is for you!.


  • +   Can I Pause, Skip, Modify or Cancel?

    Yes, you can change your quantity or bag size. Pause, Skip an order, choose a future order date, or cancel anytime. Modifications requests should reach us via e-mail before 7 days prior to roasting. For cancellation of subscription plan, refunds will be on a pro-rata basis and any free perks, or gifts bundled with the subscription shall be charged and deducted along with shipping charges and balance amount shall be refunded within 15 working days. You can pause and skip with no restrictions. You can alter your coffee bag qty or size to higher quantity and the differential amount will be charged and payable on the remaining tenure of subscription plan. 

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