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Cold Brew Guide

Brewing Cold Brew Coffee concentrates at home is easy and fun. It's the most ideal coffee for those who seek smooth, low acidic, bright, and healthy coffee to sip daily cup after cup. When the summer months roll back, we would naturally prefer something cold rather than hot. Brewing iced cold coffee made from cold brew coffee concentrate is a perfect thirst quencher. During winters, the same cold brew coffee concentrate can be poured over hot milk or water for a brewtiful hot warm coffee. Remember to consume your cold brew coffee concentrate within a week.


Comet Cold Brew Coffee Blend tastes so good. Brew it over Ice or Milk or both.


Altering the ratio of grounds to water and the duration can result in any strength you desire.

Cold Brew Essentials

500g of Erabica Specialty Coffee500g of Erabica Specialty Coffee

Erabica Coffee - Coarse Grind

500g Coffee Bag of Erabica Coffee in Coarse Grind. We are using a 1:4 coffee-to-water ratio to make cold brew coffee concentrate.

Mason Jar or French PressMason Jar or French Press

Mason Jar or Vessel - (Large)

Ideally 2 Litre Mason Jar or any vessel with a lid. For a smaller brewing batch, you can opt for French Press - 600ml.


Filtered Water

2 Litres of filtered water at room temperature. A 1:4 coffee ground-to-water ratio to brew cold brew coffee concentrate.

Fine Mesh StrainerFine Mesh Strainer

Fine Mesh Strainer & Spoon

Muslin Cloth or Fine mesh strainer or Pour over V60 dripper+ coffee paper filter and a spoon or stirrer to stir occasionally.

Cold Brew Brewing Facts:

  • Cold Brew can be prepared in any vessel with a lid. For smaller batches, use a scale to weigh 100g of coffee grind to 400ml of purified water, or follow your eye measurements.
  • To Brew Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate follow a 1: 4 ratio of coffee grind to water.
  • Minimum steeping time is 14 hours under normal room temperature. Find your sweet spot for steeping time according to your taste. Do not allow it to steep for more than 18 hours.
  • Stir the brew thoroughly upon the lapse of 50% of the steeping time. (This step is completely optional.)
  • Do not stir before straining. To remove murky residue, strain more than once but not thrice as it will weaken the concentrate and will taste flat.
  • Store the Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate in our Re-usable Endurance Freshness coffee bag and refrigerate.
  • Never re-heat the Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.
  • 2 Litres of water yields approximately 1500ml to 1000ml of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. A minimum of 25% of water is absorbed by the coffee grinds during the steeping process.

Brewing Recipe



Empty 500g of coffee and grind it into a mason jar. Pour 1 liter of water and stir well until all the coffee grinds are wet. Pour the remaining 1 liter of water, and stir thoroughly once more. Close the lid and allow it to rest at room temperature. You can refrigerate it too but then increase your steeping time. Extraction is slower under refrigeration.



Upon 50% of the Steeping time lapsed, open the jar and stir for the last time. This stirring is optional. Steep it for 16 hours. Stay calm & relaxed as the extraction of coffee flavors is getting extracted slowly into the water. For the better, the bitter is in progress. Keep experimenting after you pass 14 hours to find your sweet spot.



Use a fine mesh strainer and filter out the coffee grinds. Strain once more to remove the murky residue. Your patience is now rewarded. Empty the coffee concentrate into our Re-usable Endurance Freshness Coffee Bag and refrigerate. Enjoy the cold brew coffee concentrate and dilute it either with water or milk. Serve hot or cold.

Comet LemonadeComet Lemonade



  • +   Cold Brew Vs Iced Coffee?

    Cold brew is similar to Iced coffee but not the same. Cold brew is made by steeping the coffee grinds with room temperature water for a long time. Iced coffee is made by using hot water using drip percolators or pour-overs and then chilling it either by refrigeration or pouring it over Ice. The Master A from The Gabi is a perfect coffee brewer to brew Iced Coffee. For pure coffee-based Mojito, simply brew it with Master A. Iced Coffee requires a perfect recipe to balance strength, smoothness, bitterness, and dilution. With the Cold brew method, you are pretty much in control. Cold brew is more mellow, smooth, and low in acidity.


  • +   Cold Brew Vs Cold Brew Concentrate?

    There are several advantages of brewing cold brew coffee concentrate instead of ready-to-drink strength cold brew. Given the number of variables to brew cold crew, it's difficult to hit the exact right level of strength. With Concentrate it's easy to do so as you can dilute as per your recipe and strength. You can make a super strong concentrate and then dilute it. Concentrates take less space to store and given the time that it takes to brew up, it makes sense to make several days' worth in advance. For this reason, we provide you with a 500g bag of coffee for you to brew without a fuss. Dilute it with water, ice, or milk and sip in a variety of coffee from one single cold brew coffee concentrate. Many have used concentrate in cooking and baking too.


  • +   Can you Heat Cold Brew?

    Our answer is No. Many users may opt to heat it in a Microwave but we strongly recommend not heating the concentrate. Consume your cold brew concentrate in a week.