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Crop to Cup Assurance

There are a few ways how Erabica Coffee Roasters ensures a pure crop to cup process till you sip your Joe.

Crop To Cup Coffee Sourcing


Erabica Coffee tastes the way it does because we are mad enough to journey far-flung hills to source directly, the best handpicked ripened coffee from award-winning heritage shade-grown coffee farms across India and this is where we emphasize responsible sourcing, transparency, traceability, sustainability, purity, and quality. Our team called The Green Coffee Team is adorably named after the seeds that go right to the remote spots of India that produce the best kind of coffee, one that is unique and divine to us. This eliminates any uncertainty about the quality of the coffee seeds that we procure.

Processing of Specialty Coffee


The finished cup is only as good as every single process that the bean goes through from the moment it blossoms on the shrub. Our team and producers have a synced wavelength which means either of them does not have to worry about having to go the extra mile that they would need to make sure of the quality. Removal of floaters and stinkers is done through careful sorting. Coffee beans of sub-par perfection are discarded and are completely free from any known primary defects. The beans are mechanically pulped as per International Standards, double washed, and carefully dried using raised drying beds. The airflow is mechanically controlled and even airflow is given from the top and bottom to make sure that the coffee is free of all possible defects. This is how an average cup of coffee differs from the little slice of heaven you get to taste every time you brew with our coffee. Coffee is in pure harmony.

Pumping out Aromas


There is only one way of roasting that assures us perfection and that is by putting a bit of love into every batch. The coffee we get from the producers is already filled with just the right amount of attributes to make it exceptional. We roast our beans only in small batches, in a much more personalized way, giving care and attention and we aim to elevate all these characteristics to bring out the flavor of the coffee so that it paints a portrait of delicacy on the customer's palette. The focus on flavors that we strive to imbibe into the bean includes fruity notes, acidity, woody tones, earthy flavors, and crisp chocolate undertones. We lock these effects into each bean through our state-of-the-art in-drum cooling process that also ensures the preservation of that the divine aroma that these beans give off from Crop to Cup.

Packaging, Environment, & Sustainability


Coffee starts losing its aroma after roasting due to the natural oxidation process and hence preserving this sweet aroma is a challenge for every roaster on earth. Due to this limitation, coffee lovers buy coffee in small coffee bags to enjoy fresh aromatic coffee each time they order and this directly results in sheer waste and a threat to our environment and prevents it from a greener footprint. To overcome this to some extent, we at Erabica Coffee Roasters have designed a unique Re-usable Endurance Coffee Bag to minimize air ingress, maximize the fresh aroma of our coffee, and contribute towards lesser waste due to its re-usable properties and ordering of coffee in more quantity without compromising on the freshness, aroma, taste, and flavor of each coffee bean. A sustainable approach and being in harmony is the need of the hour.

With a strong sense of community and a moral
responsibility, Erabica was born. Our passion for the
environment, unique design and slow roasting brought our vision, and coffee, to life.

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