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My Coffee, My Way

Your Guide to Personalise your Coffee.




Help us to know your coffee taste palate.

“Be YOU, Do YOU and For YOU.”

  • Help us to personalize your Erabica Specialty Coffee at our online store by filling out the form below.
  • Be You, Do You, and For You are the three main sections in My coffee way form curated by Erabica Coffee Roasters to achieve coffee in harmony by presenting you, your specialized coffee, your way.
  • The First Section  BE YOU, is all about to know you.
  • The Second Section  DO YOU is primarily to know your coffee taste and preferences, Knowing your brewing and drinking choices or preferences helps us to derive and to curate the right coffee batch just for you.
  • The Third section FOR YOU is a happy ending that puts an end to the search for Specialty Coffee personalization. A product of love, passion, and expertise blooms from the inputs provided by you and is presented to you for you to experience your coffee, your way.
  • A new story of Coffee in harmony unfolds and the world is eagerly waiting to see your brewtiful coffee experience story, cup after cup. Help us to Indulge in the purest sin. My Coffee, My Way.



Mastering  the art of perfection as we take utmost care of our artisitic craft.