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Self-Brewing Coffee


Raise your bar by knowing the basics of self-brewing a delicious cup of coffee.

Immersion Method

Cold Brew

“Smooth mellow coffee with low acidity brewed in a vessel without a fuss”

Cold Brew is the only brew method that is the simplest, fun, and intuitive method of self-brewing a delicious coffee. it doesn't require any gadgets for brewing. Our coffee bag packaging is tailor-made to begin your cold brew odyssey without a fuss.

All you need is our bag of coffee filled with 500g of Cold Brew Grind coffee, an Mason Jar or any Vessel with a lid, and 2 liters of purified water.



Basics of Self-Brewing

Coffee - Water Ratio

How much coffee and how much water are the two most important questions that need to be answered and understood thoroughly for life. A good cup of coffee brewing process or recipe begins with coffee to water ratio. Your coffee-to-water ratio is dependent on the method or process of coffee brewing. Coffee Brewing is nothing but extracting the desired flavor (known as Total Dissolve Solids - TDS) from the coffee grinds. this flavor gets dissolved in hot water and water here acts as a solvent. Not too much and not too less but just the right amount. Self-brewing on pour-overs has a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:8 where 1 stand for coffee and 8 stands for water. There is no fixed coffee-to-water ratio. It entirely depends upon your coffee, its roast profile, and most importantly your taste palate. Based on your taste palate, you can curate your recipe. Keep experimenting with different ratios and move on from there to derive your formula. Water too should have the right composition of minerals, especially magnesium and calcium which will impart taste to coffee. Distilled water or water with too much mineral content can make your coffee taste bad. Life is uncertain but thankfully coffee-to-water ratio is certain and scientific. Self-brewing is an artistic science and one can master it only through self-brewing several sessions after the session.

Basics of Self-Brewing

Coffee Grind

The right coffee grind with consistency in it's size. Size does matter here. Investing in a good coffee burr grinder pays off. Depending upon your coffee brewing gear, you need to have the perfect coffee grind for a desired perfect cup of coffee. Correct coffee grind size is an art to master and through experiments you can. 

Basics of Self-Brewing

Water Temperature

To extract TDS from coffee, you need hot water. How much hot? Boiling water can burn the coffee grinds and that's undesirable. Up to 92° is acceptable as the max brewing temperature. As said earlier, this basic to needs to be altered as per your coffee, grind, brewing method, and of course to suit your taste.